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daily free forex signals

free forex signals

We will start next weeks giving free forex signals. please read our updates. we optimized our strategy for everyone and tested our strategy in last months. We will send signals every day for free. You only have to register on our homepage We will send you signals every day. If you are a registered member you will get information about our moneymanagement we are using and trading. Also we will suggest some brokers to use. In a few days we will also give live statements one of our real accounts. So you can compare trade by trade our and your performance. Why we are giving forex signals for free – others wanting 100 usd and more? We are trading our own signals and we know that we can earn money trading our own signals. We also want to give you some information what we are trading so you can make your own trades too. We always use small stoplosses (around 20 pips) and larger takeprofits. Our performance can be seen on our performance page. Actually we are working on a system that you can get our signals via icq, sms and a automatic tool too.

We are trading several daily free forex signals currencies mainly gbpjpy, gbpusd, eurusd and usdjpy.

You should use our signals on a demo account first. Please use a safe moneymanagement. But we know that our signals are working well and make a constant profit. We dont make 100% or more a month – thats mostly a scam. or you are risking your hole account. We want to make small profits.

With starting our new daily free forex signals three members will get 1000 usd (or another currency from you country) on a real account to trade our signals. These three members will get 1000 usd real money an a broker that we suggest. They can use our signals and see how account is growing month for month.

But what do you have to do to get a 1000 usd trading our daily free forex signals?

We want to show that our signals are working for everybody. You have to write a post about our service, your expierience or your trading-knowledge and where did you find our blog and our service. Write some information about our service and we are giving forex signals for free. Please set a link to our homepage and this blog post ( ). When your post is online you have to leave a comment here with your post url – alternative you can use a trackback too. If you dont have a blog or a homepage you can make one in a few minutes for free. You can get one on,,, or you make a free homepage with google sites. Every comment with a correct url can win. In exactly four weeks we will publish the three best posts and will post the winner here. The three winner will get information how to get 1000 usd for free. You dont have to buy anything. The 1000 usd are completly for free for the three winners. But you have to take it for our forex signals. That’s all. It would be nice if the three winner would post in their blog or on their homepage results of our signals – so everybody can read that our service is not a scam. If you are not a winner of the 1000 usd for our free forex signals you can use them on a demo account or use it for on your own live account.

The first three user also get a personal coaching with our team and learning step by step using using forex signals and earning money with forex. The three winners also get coaching by our traders. We will get you step by step information to use our free forex signals. You will give you information about our trades, how to use brokers, which marketmaker you can take, which positionsize you can take and many more. All traders are coached by our traders will learn lot of things and will know how to make money with forex.

But why we want to give somebody 1000 usd? First we want to show that we are giving free forex signals that are easy to follow for everybody. We could invest 3000 usd in google adsense or in any commercial ads. But we don’t want to do that. We would like to give it to young traders and want to show them how to make money in future.  Second we want to give users a possibilty to use our signals on a live account without risking own money – so you don’t have to risk anything. And we also want to publish our service through your posts.

So lets go. Win 1000 usd to make in few months 1000 usd profit. Write a post to get your 1000 usd real account and start making profits. What do you have to loose? Nothing. You only can win. As one of the winner you will get a 1000 usd for your live account and you will make profits month by month. It lasts 15 minutes and you can win 1000 usd.

Our new daily free forex signals are starting on March 2010. Take part and win 1000 usd for starting with our signals.

Please let a valid email in your comment or write us a email with your blogpost or homepage. We will contact winners on this email.

free forex signals

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