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We have some updates on our homepage and our service. We will restart our service and giving free forex signals in March 2010. We have over 100 registered members already – all these members don’t have to register again – you will get our signals for free too. We are sorry had to stop our investor login and auto-trading last year. A few members already had login-data have been informed with a email. We had several problems with this service. Now we are starting again without auto-trader and investor login only sending signals to your email. Signals via instant messenger, sms or auto-trader are planned in future. We are working on different new possibilities to give members our signals. We will launch live support in next days too. So members can ask questions directly to our trading team.

How do we trade?

Our free forex signals are short term trades with small stoplosses. Every trade has a small stoploss. No trade is given without stoploss or stoploss 0. Normally we have two trades a day from two different currencies. We have a optimized risk:reward. Our takeprofits are always larger than stoplosses. If you modify a order; change entry, change stoploss or change takeprofit we will inform you directly. If we cancel the order we will inform you too.

Why do we give free forex signals?

We want to give our trading ideas to other professionells and forex trader. We want to get some feeback and want get some new contacts. We hope that we could optimize our signals with ideas from other forex traders. Nobody is perfect. We want to give you a possibilty to use our signals and analyze them everyday. Please give us feedback und some ideas. Our free forex signals are absolutly honest. We are trading them everyday on several live accounts and make money through trading our own signals. Most of providers only earn money from members-fee. Most of providers don’t try their signals on a live account. They only want to get your money.

So you don’t have to loose anything – you can test our free forex signals on a demo account and let them run. You will see that you make smart profits and you will enjoy our signals.

It would be fine if you could make a review about our service on a board, on a blog or if you would to recommend our service to your friends and your forex traders.

Be part of our new signals and register for free.

We will start in March 2010.

free forex signals

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