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Eagleforce – Eagleforce

by admin on May 19, 2010

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Eagleforce - EagleforceEagleforce – Eagleforce is a Forex Signals provider. Eagleforce – Eagleforce is is offering Autotrading Forex Signals. He is part of the network. Eagleforce – Eagleforce actually wants a monthly fee of $150. Actually Eagleforce – Eagleforce Drawdown is around 10 %. Smaller than the most provider on the website. But you have to wait some time. We hope that Eagleforce – Eagleforce is making a good performance over a long time. Please write your review for this provider and rate Eagleforce – Eagleforce.

Their description is:

EagleForce Trading system is one of the most outstanding and very profitable strategy in the market, designed and programmed by me using my 8 years of experience in forex market trading and expert advisor programming. The strategy uses a complex mathematical algorithm with 11 in-house designed trend and range custom softwares to make trading decisions. It uses monthly,weekly timeframes to determing the market momentum and direction and also uses daily timeframe for entry and exits in the market. The System is based on support, resistance, demand, supply, momentum, traders psychology and market timing principles. The drawdown of Eagleforce trading system is extremely low and the system has outstanding risk to reward ratio. We open position of 5% per account balance for each currency pair and the maximum pair we trade at a time is between 1-3 pairs.

Segun Akinbobola
Eagleforce Systems

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