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Racscave – RDB & RTL

by admin on May 19, 2010

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Racscave - RDB & RTLRacscave – RDB & RTL is a Forex Signals provider. Racscave – RDB & RTL is providing Autotrading Forex Signals on the platform. We will not use them because of a loss of over 100%.

Their description is:

System is based on price action and technical analysis, which takes into consideration some basic fundamental analysis. At times, If I notice a trade opportunity based on news or geopolitical incidents, I may place an aggressive buy/sell orders.

System will trade majors, usd/cad and yen crosses most of the time. There will be hard stop of min 50 and max. 380 pips.

My trading is based on material, I posted on ForexFactory and Private Forum under nickname: raczekfx

There is no guarantee, but I have set two goals for RDB&RTL system:

1.At the end of the year I’d love to say I’ve reached my goal of gaining on average 5-10% per month.
2. I’d like to generate at least +300 pips/month.

If you have less than $1,000 in your account, we recommend that you trade micro lots only. If your account is > $10,000 use mini lots and if it is > $50,000 you can start trading standard lots. Always ‘try’ to use %2 max risk of your account/per trade (based on 250pips stop).

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