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Thanks to the 35pip team - your signals are great and honest. I love them and use the signals together with my trading strategies.

Roberto, Milano

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3rd Session Forex Signals

Our third Session Forex Signals are shorttime forex signals. They are mostly sent during newyork and london session. The forex signals are not sent at fixed times - they will be sent when market is ready to run a trade. In our 3rd session you must be very fast to book these pips. The 3rd session forex signals are proftitable with a high winrate and with a great risk-reward.

In the third session we mostly trade the eur/usd pair with the smallest spread in the market. Please use a broker with small spread on this pair. The most brokers have small spread on eur/usd pair - but we suggest to compare the spreads.

The results will always be published in the closing signal. The result is generated from our live account. The Profit / Loss is net-profit including of the spread. You may not have to reduce the result for the spread.

We are trading our forex signals on or on Oanda with the Metatrader 4 Platform. We do not use Brokers that have extremly low spreads - our brokers do have normal spreads.

On which broker to use the forex signals is your own decission. If you have any questions regarding the broker feel free to ask us.

Please always use a safe money managment in your forex account.

We are sending our Forex Signals by email. We are using fast email servers that are sending the signals within seconds.

With our signals it can be that more than one order of a currencie will be opened.

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