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Thanks to the 35pip team - your signals are great and honest. I love them and use the signals together with my trading strategies.

Roberto, Milano

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Free Forex Tools

Use our free forex tools to check your forex trading, get better forex results, analyze new entry points and find correct sell or buy entry points. Our free forex tools can tell you when to buy or to sell in the market or when to close a position. With the free forex tool "support & resistance lines" you can identify stoploss and take profit levels. By using forex tools you can get more profits from the markets. To use our forex tools you do not have to register or anything else - it is all for free. Our additional free forex tools like the forex signals require a registration that is free. Our forex tools are published online and are updatet around 10 times per hour. To use the free forex tools you do  not have to install a software or something else. It is running into your browser - even with your smartphone you can read the free forex tools.

All forex tools are based on a forex live account. All forex tools will be updatet automatically. To get newest version of our forex tools just reload the page.

Why you can use our free forex tools?

  • find profitable entry points
  • find better stops and takeprofits
  • find dangerours levels and market points
  • find forex trends
  • find forex breakouts
If you are new to forex you can learn markets with forex tools. You can learn fast to get more profitable while using forex tools and to understand these forex basics.