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Thanks to the 35pip team - your signals are great and honest. I love them and use the signals together with my trading strategies.

Roberto, Milano

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About our Forex Signals

thumb_TAH02017.JPGOur Forex Signals are sent directly from our Live Accounts. The signals include exact entry-/ exitpoints and the exact profit/loss in pips. We are trading the signals on our live accounts. Our Signals are honest and with a comfortable system. At exact the same time we enter a position. We are trading mostly GBP/JPY and GBP/USD sometimes EUR/USD or USD/JPY.

We are a trading team of two Traders and one technical member that is doing all technical tasks. Our head of trading is Pet. Pet is mostly trading the european session.

We don't have strict stoplosses or strict takeprofits. We also decide to close earlier than expected when market is changing. But why we don't use fixed stoplosses? At the beginning of our service we used to have sl / tp marks. But we had problems and questions every day. Every trader is using the signals on another broker / account. But not only the spreads are different - also the courses are different at some times. The result was that some members had reached takeprofit or stoploss and some not. We changed our system to give everybody the same chance to reach same results like ours - there is no question if we are in or out - it is clear - we send clear signal when we are in and a clear signal when we are out. Because of not using fixed stoplosses you always have to use a safe moneymanagement / safe position size. You will get detailed information when you start our live signal service.

Our Signals depend on different indicators. Of course - we are using some of them to analyze the markets. We are trading with Alpari UK, OANDA, IBFX AU and Dukascopy. We are using these broker with live accounts and can suggest them to every trader. We are using Metatrader 4 as our trading platform. Our forex signals and results are sent directly from our live accounts and include spread. Our results are always net-profits. Of course our daily tools are also and to check major supports and resistances.


thumb_sampleimage_4.jpgDear visitor - we would like to welcome you at the forex signals. You can register for free to get detailed information and specials of our traders and our forex signals. Of course - you register for free and you do not have to buy anything. In any case we will keep your date secure wand will not share your data with other. If you have any questions - please feel free and ask us. You can contact us by email. You question will be ansered in most cases within less hours.