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Thanks to the 35pip team - your signals are great and honest. I love them and use the signals together with my trading strategies.

Roberto, Milano

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1st Session Forex Signals

Our first Session Forex Signals are daily forex signals. Forex Signals are opened always at 12 am / pm GMT. The first Session Forex Signals are easy to follow. You will get clear Signals:

Order opened: Sell GBPJPY @ 136.769

Order closed at P/L 26.1 Sell GBPJPY, opened @ 137.044, closed @ 136.783

The results will always be published in the closing signal. The result is generated from our live account. The Profit / Loss is net-profit including of the spread. You may not have to reduce the result for the spread.

In the 1st Forex Signal Session will be traded mostly GBP/JPY, GBP/USD and sometimes EUR/USD or USD/JPY. That means we are trading only majors and no exotic currencies that are not available at some brokers. The forex signals of the first session can be traded with all forex brokers. We are trading our forex signals on or on Oanda with the Metatrader 4 Platform. We do not use Brokers that have extremly low spreads - our brokers do have normal spreads.

On which broker to use the forex signals is your own decission. If you have any questions regarding the broker feel free to ask us.

Please always use a safe money managment in your forex account.

We are sending our Forex Signals by email. We are using fast email servers that are sending the signals within seconds.

With our signals it can be that more than one order of a currencie will be opened.

We don't use a fixed stoploss. Please always use small and safe moneymanagement position of your trades. The drawdown always depends on your money management. At the beginning of our service we sent sl and tp with our orders. But we had problems and questions every day. Every broker is using different spreads and courses. So some member booked tp / some not. Because of this we changed our strategy. We do not send tp and sl with our orders. We are sending opening and closing every time.

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